Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

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Product description:
Material: Stainless steel
Specifications: 100/200/300/450ML
Product contains: 1* coffee maker

1. Pour hot water into the lower cup and do not exceed the pressure relief valve.

2, grinding coffee powder (recommended flying Eagle 2-3 files), the coffee powder into the cup, you can pour some more. Use chopsticks or spoons to smooth out excess powder. Do not press powder, so as to avoid the pressure of too hard water can not penetrate the coffee powder, can not extract coffee liquid, resulting in coffee liquid can not flow into the seat.

3. Apply a little water to the filter paper, apply it to the upper seat filter, and screw it onto the upper seat.

4. Screw on the upper seat (to tighten the pressure will not be released Oh). Be careful not to apply force to the moka pot handle, so it is easy to twist the handle. If you add hot water, it is easy to make the base hot. It is recommended to help with the towel.

5. Heat with a gas lighter or alcohol stove. Fire power should not exceed the base. If you use induction cooker heating, it is recommended that you use about 600 watts of heat.

6. Turn to a small fire after seeing coffee flow (dont let it rush out). If you use induction cooker heating, it is recommended that you heat the fire to about 200-400 watts of heat.

7. The coffee is then cooked slowly.


Before using the new Moka pot, cook it with water at least three times to ensure the inside of the pot is clean!!

1. Do not cook other powders and liquids other than water and ground coffee.

2. Use unboiled water, preferably pure water.

3. Under the pot no water, do not empty cook.

4. Excessive water can make coffee overflow the upper layer.

5. When filling the coffee powder, do not fill the surface and press the surface slightly. Excessive pressure may cause coffee to come out.

6. To avoid burning the surface and handle, do not exceed the area of ​​the pot.

7. Open the lid and start cooking on medium heat. When coffee flows out, use a small fire to slowly release the coffee.

8. When water is boiling, be sure to remove the moka pot immediately from the fire.

9. Before using the coffee cup, it is best to use hot water to burn the temperature of the coffee.

10. Do not remove or clean the moka pot when it is not cold.

11. Use finely ground coffee powder.

12. Try to rinse only with clean water or use neutral detergent.

13. When not in use, the kettle must be kept dry.