Bowl Egg Bowl

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Preparing, Cooking and Eating Healthy Food is NOW SO EASY. The revolutionary design of this Cooking Pod ensures versatility and functionality. You will be surprised how many bulky pots, pans and plastic microwave bowls this one Pod replaces. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store - a must-have for the modern cook and kitchen. Ideal for mixing knead, baking fish, veggies, etc.


- Color: Green.
- Material: Silicone.
- Size: 28 * 18 * 9cm/ 11 * 7.09 * 3.54 inch(L*W*H).
- Safe closure for food storage bowl, keep a fresh taste while steaming or roasting, quick and to easy open it after finished.
- Suitable for use in oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, rice cooker, pressure cooker, disinfection cabinet etc.
- The steam case allowes for easy, delicious steamed, microwave preparations.
- Foods are cooked in their own juice or steam, enhancing their original and genuine aromas and preserving all nutrients.