Metoo Microphone Rabbit

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Product Name: metoo Meng group plush toys
Brand Name: metoo
Product Size: Small 19cm Medium 25cm Large 31cm
Product Weight: Small 0.1kg Medium 0.25kg Large 0.42kg
Product Fabric: Elastic crystal wool
Fill objects: foam particles or pp cotton
Uses: Video City grasping machine toys, children#39;s toys, birthday gifts, couple toy gifts, wedding gifts,
Product packaging: OPP bag packaging
Suitable age: infants (0-2 years), adolescents (15-35 years), juveniles (7-14 years), children (3-6 years)
Cleaning and maintenance: small and medium sized plush toys can be washed in the water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, one meter or more large plush toys or stuffing electronic components within the toy suggested a partial cleaning approach, first with a liquid detergent or shower gel light Light scrub wash contaminated parts, and then wash thoroughly with clean water, and then get the outdoor cool sun. Plush toys to be dried after a few jitter, and comb the direction along the plush can be.
Reminded: Plush toy cleaning is completed, shall not be taken by hand wrung or dried, likely to cause fabric damage or serious displacement of the filler can not be repaired, the filler is plastic particles of the machine washable forbidden.
All pictures are taken in kind, please rest assured to buy. Due to monitor reasons, the color will be a little color, please understand.